What is Spoofex about?

We provide fully offshore & bulletproof quality hosting solutions with spoofing enabled for the right price.

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Offshore & Bulletproof

We don't believe in restrictions. We offer multiple hosting solutions so that we can allow you to practically do anything. Send DDoS attacks, Scanning, host DMCA restricted content, host your botnet & more! Find a full list of what is allowed here.

Datacenter & Affordable

Currently all our servers are location in the Netherlands. We're looking on expanding to more datacenters very soon! We only charge for what is required to provide you with our service!


We treat all our clients with complete devotion regardless of their offshore hosting solution. Our friendly staff is ready to assist with any issue! Simply click the support tab to get in contact with us!


Do not worry, you're safe with us! All of our clients are guaranteed with total data privacy. All hardware is privately owned and only accessable by us.

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